Tony BrownMarketing Coordinator

    Tony started in building supplies as a management cadet for Fletcher Challenge, predominantly in hardware and wallboards. His experience broadened in timber sales and procurement working for Baigent Building Supplies in Nelson. In the early 90s he was shareholder of a privately-owned timber yard for seven years, that became part of the ITM Cooperative.

    After weathering the NZ boom and bust cycles of the building industry for three rounds Tony decided to defy the old adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” by upskilling to branch out into marketing and e-commerce – still in building supplies – but also including a detour into the automotive industry for a number of years.

    “Life at MLC is busy, the company is very progressive and there is never a dull moment, the marketing projects we embark on are varied and it’s great to see our input on display in building supplies stores around the world”.

    Tony enjoys the coordination role, but also likes “being on the tools” delving into design programmes, working with print companies to get collateral into stores and pitching in to build display stands. His ambition is to polish his knowledge of Filipino dialects so he can converse with Emma without making her giggle and actually come up with a playlist for the office on Spotify that Josh won’t change when he steps out of it.