Moses HewetsonMarketing Manager

Moses, the youngest member of the SMT, leads the IT and Marketing team – an eclectic mix of pragmatic and creative brainpower, spanning from Gen X to Millennials with i-Gen in the mix during school holidays.

This has made him incredibly diverse, able to chameleonise in a heartbeat to interpret the distinctive vernacularity of teams excited about being charged with typically complex tasks. He has evolved a broad understanding of a range of topics broached by software developers and IT security team members through to deciphering web-based analytics from the digital marketing team, to talking CMYK with the design guys.

As well as (quite effectively) herding forementioned cats and taking the time to get to know what makes his high-functioning team members tick, Moses has a portfolio of his own complex tasks. He is responsible for implementing the company marketing strategy, overseeing marketing involvement in Business Development projects, and working with the production team to integrate the software projects the development team pump out.

If something is to leave the company in the form of an email, communique, or digital advert, or is a product that was planned and picked using a bespoke software solution, that now has a tailored label or barcode or attached, chances are Moses has been involved somewhere along the line.