Emma McEwanTerritory Manager - Asia

    Emma manages sales in Asia and works collaboratively with our clients and sales representatives there to achieve a common end-customer, sales-maximising goal.

    Having been employed for 8 years in the construction industry, and 9 years in the timber industry, Emma has an enviable breadth of practical experience including employment in general office administration, finance and bookkeeping in the earlier part of her career; becoming responsible for the likes of bank reconciliations, cash-flow maintenance, invoicing and credit collection functions. In later years, as her career progressed, her main role became that of senior, highly capable and respected, purchasing officer for a major construction company in the Philippines prior to moving on to a position of sales and marketing manager for another company there, carrying out business between the Philippines and other Asian countries. Emma is fluent in several Philippine languages as well as in English.

    Having at a young age been specially insider-trained by a business-owning relative, Emma has also demonstrated her own entrepreneurial flair having once established and run her own sole-owner industrial trading business when residing in the Philippines, which had established sole-distribution rights to Philippines and to Malaysia from a couple of major US and EU product manufacturers.

    After visiting New Zealand on a business-related exploration trip for one of her employing companies many years ago, Emma recognised the business bridge-building capabilities her experience could provide and consequently moved to this country not long thereafter. Indeed, Emma’s career has always involved building strong relationships with customers: sales, marketing, managing key accounts, and managing imports and exports documentation. Using the additional knowledge and understanding gained through her four-year BSc in Accounting degree, and her New Zealand customs declarant for imports and exports qualification, she effectively applies that length and breadth of experience, suggesting and providing flexible and cost-effective strategies for clients.

    Always the optimist, her positive and proactive attitude in all areas is infectious making her a valued member of MLC Group’s team.

    As a team player who always goes above and beyond to get the job done, Emma takes on roles outside of her normal job duties and often provides support to other departments. She is best known for her ever-present laugh and smile, and her tendency to bring gifts back from her many business trips to the Philippines. When not at work you may find Emma at the beach or spending time with her family in the beautiful Tasman outdoors.