Case Studies


Case Study: Outsourced Processing

How our clients save money by outsourcing their processing requirements.

One of our clients was buying packs of semi processed, random length timber and employing three labour units for processing. After changing to sourcing fully processed components from MLC Group, wastage has been significantly reduced with errors in length, defective product and lost material eliminated.

This client now has:

  • Less staff
  • Less wastage
  • Less errors
  • Less inventory needed on hand
  • Less reliance on labour units
  • Less waste disposal

This has led to:

  • Increased profit
  • Increased throughput

Just In Time Ordering

Case Study: Just In Time Ordering

Increasing manufacturing efficiency by partnering with MLC using “Just in time ordering”.

One of MLC’s clients consumes an assortment of cut-to-length timber components in their product range. They had been buying product from MLC for a while, but spikes in production requirements driven by sales demand made it difficult to get product delivered on time. We worked with them to analyse stock requirements over a period and produced stock that we shipped to a third-party warehouse facility closer to their plant. They were able to draw on stock at much shorter notice.

This meant our client could:

  • Keep less stock on hand, and free up storage resources for completed product.
  • Keep their processing plant cleaner.
  • Manage cashflow more efficiently