Tailored Solutions

For Industrial Customers

Any size,
Any profile

Free up man power, reduce waste and increase your efficiency through our tailored solutions.

Our services include:

  • Machining
  • Proprietary labelling
  • Fitting tread inserts



We have 6 planers on site, used for the  production of precision mouldings, multi-ripping, and processing small length componentry.

Weinig Profimat 2400 CNC

Used to produce precision mouldings.

Weinig Unimat

Used for multi-ripping, runs off the end of our laminating line.

Weinig Hydromat

Placed in front of our optimiser line, capable of throughput at 100m a minute

Weinig Profimat

Used for processing small length componentry.

Smart Mac Planer

This planer has been adapted for use as our garden edge profiler. It profiles short cut-to-length timber for garden edging.

The workhorses at MLC are the two Stenner Bandsaws with hydraulic infeeds. They can deep rip 300mm boards at feed speeds up to 25m per minute.



We do precision end trimming.

The double ended tenoner is used for precision end trimming

We have additional tenoners available for profiling

Hole Drilling

Some componentry requires multiple holes for fitting together with other components. Manually drilling holes and setting up jigs is time consuming and not cost effective, so we recommend our drilling service which includes, predrilling furniture and kitset components.

Tailored Solutions

Proprietary Labelling

Over the years we have helped our clients with customised point of sale solutions. Our in-house design team can assist you with your signage and merchandising solutions. As barcoding has also become crucial to our resellers we have invested in label printers and application systems.

Component Inserts

Another contract process we offer, is the fitting of thread inserts or “techserts” into components used for kitset products.