Contract Processing

Contract Processing

Adding value is one of our company values and something we are good at.

MLC has a suite of processes available for the downstream processing of your industrial timber products.

We have the capability to manage finger jointing, kiln drying, treatment and cut-to-length requirements for other sawmills and manufacturers.

We make outsourcing of volume timber processing both hassle-free and a  tangible value for money arrangement for our clients. That’s why many customers see the value in retaining capital and not incurring set-up time purchasing their own processing machinery by sending their product to us.

Talk to us about fixed rates for timber processing and know what your fixed costs are in your business. We can even help you with the logistics of getting product to and from our plant – just one less thing to worry about.

Kiln Drying

We have a number of kilns in our operation available for custom kiln drying and currently dry around 1000 cubic metres of timber a month. We have a large covered storage capacity across two processing plants.

Any timber shavings produced during processing never leaves our site. As part of our committment to reduce our impact on the environment we use our shavings to fuel our kiln.

Finger Jointing

We have 2 fingerjoint plants at MLC. We can produce fingerjointed blanks for further processing, or if machining or treatment is required after production, we can manage that next step for you too.

Computerised Scanning, Optimisation and Cutting

Our Optimisiation & Cutting system is capable of outputs in excess of 70,000 lm per day. We can optimise for defects, or cut to a length specification. Our customers include pallet manufacturers, furniture manufacturers and industrial clients wishing to recover shook product for downstream processing, such as finger jointed componentry.

We use a scanner to take an image of the boards as they pass through the machine. The information is then sent to a computer, to determine the best optimal grade or length for each piece of timber. This information is then passed to the TM Optimiser saw to cut.


We can provide the full range of treatment solutions, depending on product. Treat for durability, pest control, ready for painting and staining.



We have a paint line based at our Moutere operation. We pre-prime pickets for domestic and export sales, plus pre-finish a vast range of Radiata small end section mouldings.