Corporate Responsibility


We have a responsibility to reduce the impact on our community and the environment wherever we touch it, however we touch it and wherever our products are distributed.

However, our obligation must extend beyond saying how we will, into how we do.

We are committed to minimising our effect on the environment, creating value for our customers by using less resources and striving for less waste.


We are constantly researching and introducing more effective ways of processing product. We invest in machinery that processes product more efficiently and consumes less power. We will only produce untreated shavings and sawdust in our processing operations with a goal to achieve zero waste with all timber waste being used to fuel kilns for drying product. We will only source our timber material for production from sustainable plantations and use recyclable material in our packaging wherever possible.


We want New Zealand to grow and prosper, we are mindful of future stakeholders in generations to come and how they will interact with our business. We support our community with charitable projects and provide favourable employment opportunities.


The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust

The Nelson Marlborough Rescue Helicopter Trust administers a professional air rescue service throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller regions utilising a twin engine BK117 helicopter.  They are supported by highly trained crew, pilots and St John intensive care paramedics for the treatment and recovery of people needing urgent medical care and transportation. MLC Group is a silver sponsor of this critical service that plays an important role throughout the Nelson, Tasman, Marlborough & Buller regions.


Westmount School Upper South Campus

The Westmount School provides a unique learning environment for students, guided by their focus on “Learning to Learn”. A self-directed approach to teaching and learning provides a foundation for lifelong learning, and prepares students for tertiary education and the workplace.

Westmount School is a registered private school, which operates multiple campuses. With one central administration, the campuses work in close cooperation sharing expertise, professional learning opportunities and resources.

MLC Group Contributes to Westmount School with donations. MLC Sales Manager John Hewetson volunteers time as a CEO at the local campus.


Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital Motueka

The Jack Inglis Friendship Hospital is a valuable Motueka resource. They provide age related Residential Care Services for people assessed as needing Rest Home, Continuing Care and Dementia Care. They also provide Primary Care (GP) and Palliative Care. MLC Group has supplied materials and funding for this vital community facility.

MLC Group Touch Rugby Team

A number of the MLC staff got a touch team together for summer in 2018. MLC sponsored the team and provided the singlets which were made in-house by our marketing team.

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