Who needs a winter wonderland for Christmas?!

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When most people around the world think of Christmas, they picture snowflakes, snowmen,Santa’s sleigh ploughing through the snow… all very, very cold things! Here in New Zealand, things are vastly different, and greatly warmer. We think of jandals, and chilly bins, and sand and surf and sunscreen. What a beautiful thought!

Of course, we’re biased, but there’s every reason to believe a summer Christmas is much better than a winter one. Nothing beats sitting on your deck with an ice-cold drink while sausages sizzle on the barbecue. Try doing that in the Northern hemisphere at this time of year. As Fred Dagg used to sing: We don’t know how lucky we are!

The decent weather – well it’s usually decent – makes the deck a very nice place to hangout at Christmas time. (It’s even nicer if it’s a safe place to hang out, so check out Sharkstooth hidden deck fasteners and remove the risk of standing on a rusty nail!) The beach is also great value at this time of year, and a growing number of Kiwi families are foregoing the formal sit-down dinner on Christmas Day and opting for fresh and light delights during a seaside picnic.Again, we don’t know how lucky we are! There are some people around the world who have never even been to the beach given the vast size of the countries they live in. The only time they feel sand between their toes is when their beautician uses an emery board to file their toenails during a pedicure.

Christmas in New Zealand coincides with daylight saving, so the lazy, hazy days of the Festive Season are extended, and we can enjoy the deck or beach for much longer than our Northern hemisphere counterparts. Poor sods, they’re usually huddled up by the fire at 4pm waiting for the Queen to deliver her message to the common people. Did anyone mention lately how lucky we are??!!

One more reason why a summer Christmas is better than a winter one. We don’t have to wear those daggy Christmas woolly jumpers! A polo shirt and nice shorts is a perfectly respectable dress code for a Kiwi Christmas, and not nearly as geeky. When you look at some of the Christmas fashions they wear on the other side of the equator, you’ll feel like a style icon!

Yes, there’s no better place to be place at Christmas time than right here in New Zealand.While everyone else is singing about a White Christmas, we’re experiencing the Right Christmas. Warm and sunny and feasting on gorgeous fresh food. There’s a lot you can do to the deck to be ready for this classic Kiwi Christmas, and that includes getting rid of nails and using the Sharkstooth deck fasteners we mentioned earlier, or adding privacy and class with some well-placed trellis.

MLC Group can help with you many of the things you need for outdoor living this Christmas. And, to use more words from Fred Dagg, it’s going to be a cracker! So, get on that deck, slop on a bit of sunscreen, and thank your lucky stars you’re a Kiwi at Christmas time!  

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