Watch your step with deck railings

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Decks without railings are hazardous decks. Falling from a deck is extremely common and potentially dangerous. Very dangerous. That’s why MLC Group is keen to highlight the practical and aesthetic benefits of our deck railings, as well as highlight how you can create a safer deck.


MLC Group’s Sharkstooth fasteners vastly reduce moisture and rot on decking boards, making the entire deck more stable and less slippery. And because Sharkstooth deck fasteners bite into the side of the board, they’ll never pop up and present a sharp and rusty menace, which happens with traditional deck nails and screws. If you’re smart enough to use Sharkstooth as a safety measure, be extra smart by insisting on safe and secure deck railings too. The statistics will tell you why they’re so important.


US studies show that 87% of all bone fractures in people aged 65 years and older are caused by falls. Falls are also the second highest cause of spinal and brain injuries. New Zealanders of all ages are just as accident prone, even when we’re chilling out on their deck.


Good deck railings create a barrier to prevent falls and can help aging adults, or anyone with balance issues, by giving them something to lean on for support. This is particularly important in winter when a deck can be slippery or icy.


Children are also vulnerable to injury. You know what kids are like. Caution is not a word that sits comfortably in their vocabulary. Words like “fun” are! A secure railing can prevent excited kids from falling and suffering a serious injury that will affect them for the rest of their life. Even your barbecue can be at risk and roll off the edge of your deck. Accidents do happen, particularly when the barbecue chef has had one or two cold ones.


There is every reason to get the best deck railings and one of those reasons is a legal one. If your deck is above a certain height, you need to get a building consent. Heights vary with different councils, so it always pays to check with your local body. One of the requirements for decks of specified heights is deck railings, so if you have to do it you might as well do it in style.


At MLC Group, we primarily think of deck railings as a safety measure, but they are more than that. They are also an added feature to make your home more beautiful. In short, a good-looking balustrade adds character and style to a simple deck, as well as safety and value. Whatever you choose, you can rest assured you’re making a safe choice

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