How to turn your garden shed into a design feature

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If you’re anything like the team at MLC Group, you’ll love getting out in the garden. MLC Group produces a range of gardening solutions such as stakes and planters, and we enjoy talking about such things with our clients who really care about their garden.


During our discussions we often touch on the other tools and accessories that every homeowner needs to keep their backyard tidy and their garden thriving. Of course, most of us need a place to store those things – and that place is the traditional Kiwi garden shed. Typically, it’s seen as little more than a humble storage space, however, you can turn your garden shed into an interesting design feature.


We can hear you sniggering from here. But we’re not pulling your leg.


Your garden shed really can become an eye-catching fixture in your back yard. Now, before you go all John McEnroe on us and exclaim “You Can’t Be Serious!!”, let us explain how you can do it.

All it takes is a little imagination, a little creativity, and a little innovative thinking. We’ve done a lot of that thinking for you, and we’re happy to share some of our better ideas with you so you can add a fashionable touch to that back yard essential – the garden shed.


For example, how about using the side of the shed as a hanging garden or garden wall? Gardens on a vertical plane are very trendy right now, and the exterior wall of your garden shed is certainly vertical! What a beautiful way to cover it up!


Another way to make your garden shed less wall and more wow, is to dress it up with outdoor wall art. A lot of exterior art pieces are stunning, a far cry from Nana’s daggy garden art that you might remember from your childhood. So, take a new look at outdoor art and imagine it adorning the sides of your garden shed.


Garden sheds don’t need to be plain. They can be stained or painted in bold colours. Paint them up to stand out, or coat them with a colour or stain that matches other features in your back yard e.g. deck, pergola, gazebo, barbecue area and, of course, the house.


Another simple way to add class to your garden shed is to create a nice garden path leading up to it, with the path and shed surrounds lined with flowers and shrubs. You can plant in such a way that the flowers and shrubs have something of a masking effect, or so they complement the colour of your boldly painted shed.


Every Kiwi gardener has a Kiwi garden shed and this essential structure can become a design classic in your back yard. MLC Group is not joking when we say this. When it comes to transforming garden sheds into works of art, we really are serious!

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