Homemade gifts leave a lasting impression

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With Fathers Day coming up, time and effort is always cherished and remembered over a bought gift. No amount of money spent on a bought gift will override the thoughtfulness of a homemade gift from a child. In most instances, a child will be using your money to fund a purchase. However, it is their time and imagination when they create something.

When a child uses their imagination and creates a treasure, these are the things a parent remembers for years to come.

A good starting point is thinking about what hobbies or interests Dad has. Is he an outdoors fella? Is he always pottering in the garden? Is he a kitchen wiz or an arty farty type?

  • Green-fingered Dad:

If he is green fingered, a plain terracotta pot is cheap to buy. Decorating the pot with paints and stick on bits cut out of magazines to give it a great look. When completed, you can buy some textured gel in a tube to seal it and give it a clear finish. Complete the pot by planting a seedling or some herbs.

  • Sweet tooth Dad:

Pander to Dad’s sweet tooth. What father doesn’t like home baked biscuits, rum balls or fudge? Get creative with the packaging. Recycle a box or jar, decorate it or buy some cellophane and ribbon.

  • Arty farty Dad:

Paper mache is fantastic to create and mould. Maybe a monster figurine or caricature of Dad. A mask is always a good option.

  • An ode to Dad:

Write a poem and present it on a board or large piece of decorated paper. Either that or read or sing it with a special performance.

  • Volunteer your time:

Design a voucher. Create an experience for you and Dad to enjoy. Maybe you could offer to be a golf caddy and pick up his golf balls for a morning at the golf course. Or what Dad doesn’t like a clean car? Offer your time to wash and vacuum the car.

  • Home cooked breakfast:

We aren’t talking any marmite on toast or Weetbix here, but a culinary delight. Maybe pancakes with berries and ice cream (as it’s Dad’s own day, he is allowed a treat). If Dad is more of a savoury guy, then an omelette with french bread or homemade bread if you have a bread-maker. If at all possible, served in bed with a copy of the Sunday paper!

  • Absent or departed Dad:

Create a memory board to keep the spirit of Dad with you. Whether this is photos or coloured copies, draw things that remind you of him and your memories of good times together.

And top if off with a gorgeous homemade card using arts and crafts materials and anything else you can find – these are the things that memories are made of.

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