Design Spotlight – Grey Hardwood Floors

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Flick through any home or interiors magazine and you may start to get overwhelmed with the large array of design options. Trends are constantly changing; changes in colour preferences and accents utilised, innovations in materials and construction and a move towards sustainability being incorporated into every element of a design and build.

As such, choosing a flooring material that is long lasting, both in durability and practicality should be foremost. Wood flooring offers a new and stylish twist on an old classic.

When choosing a colour, there is an emerging design trend to use grey with hardwood floors. At MLC, our Woodland Lifestyle brand has a range of shades of grey to suit.

This neutral, calming colour of grey has become a staple of many homes the last 4-5 years. Grey appears to be here for the long haul, and furniture makers are now producing grey furniture and cabinetry to match. This mid-tone colour is easy to contrast with bright whites and deeper charcoals and darker colours.

In New Zealand, we are increasingly leaning towards natural colours to resonate and reflect our natural environment. Responding to the aesthetic of our landscapes; such as the ocean, rock, sand, native forests and skies, can be reflected in the colour palette of our home interiors. Grey can echo these colours.


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