Are Arts and Crafts Old Fashioned?

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Without wanting to sound all fuddy-duddy about it, times have changed. Look at the kids of today as a prime example. When they’re not committing crimes against fashion, or corrupting the language with their txt speak, they’re fiddling with mousepads, or swiping touchscreens. Yes, things were certainly different in our day. Back then, we’d think a mousepad was where Mickey and Minnie lived.

We’re being unduly harsh. Today’s kids are just being kids. They’re only doing their thing, just as we did our thing when we were their age. But wouldn’t it be great if kids could grow up experiencing more than what the digital age can offer them? We’re talking about the thrill of making stuff with their own hands. Creating something real and tangible, rather than something computer-generated. Something Mum can pin on the fridge or put on the mantlepiece and beam with pride when they exclaim to visitors:

“L%k everyone! My kds mAd DIS w thR own hands!! Isn’t it awesum!!!”

Of course, we might question whether arts and crafts are a bit old fashioned in this day and age. But in terms of giving our children a rounded upbringing that goes beyond the thrills of technology, there is plenty of room for arts and crafts, particularly if your child is a kinaesthetic learner: someone who acquires knowledge best when physically performing a task, rather than by listening or observing.

Kinaesthetic learning is FUN learning when you encourage your kids to get a bit arty and crafty. They can have a go at origami, or they can paint a portrait of the cat…as opposed to painting the cat itself. They can make a birthday card for grandma, or they can pick up on one of the many great craft ideas on the internet, including Pinterest. There are boundless ways for your kids to express their creative side in a hands-on way, but one of the best ways involves good old wood.

Wood is a very versatile material for arts and crafts. You can bang two bits of it together. You can shape it, you can stain it, you can paint it. It’s also an easy material to procure. You can grab some offcuts from dad’s building project, or your local timber yard, and let your child’s imagination run wild…with your creative input, of course.

For a project that will occupy small hands and become something of a feature in your home or garden, you could even check out a Kids Kitset Project from MLC Group. Be it a bird house, a treasure box or some brightly painted book ends, a kitset project like this will act as an ongoing reminder of your child’s crafty endeavours, as well as a lesson well-learnt in the kinaesthetic way…and good luck spelling that word in txt speak!

Regardless of whether it’s for education, or for fun, old fashioned arts and crafts are not really old fashioned at all. They’re just a different and traditional way of expressing creativity and deriving pleasure, which is why things like MLC Group’s Kids Kitset Projects are very popular with kids, and their parents. Further proof that arts & crafts R awesum!

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