A variety of timber species available including
Premium clear grade New Zealand Radiata.

Fire Rating

Group 3 without any special coating.
An intumescent coating system will enable
up to Group 1-S.


Timber profiles are installed with a
simple hidden fastening system and/or
construction adhesive.

Coating & Finishes

Timber profiles are supplied unfinished or
pre-finished either painted, stained and/or
clear coated.

Curves & Radii

Radius profiles enable curved surfaces
to be included in designs, see specific profiles
for further details including
radius specifications.

Featured Profile: Render using Ninety Mile (NM03) in Tasmanian Oak


Genia Architectural Interior Linings and range of profiles bring a sense of distinction and natural beauty to any interior space – suitable for both residential and commercial applications.

  • Wall
  • Ceilings
  • Bar/Bench Fronts
  • Cabinetry
  • Curved Surfaces

Manufactured from solid timber and supplied in lengths that are easy for handling and installation. Radius profiles are also available for curved finishing and detailing requirements.

Featured Profile: Render using Castlepoint (CP02) in stained Radiata

Expanded installation

Timber profiles are installed with a simple hidden fastening system.

Substrate can be any clean flat surface including timber, GIB or masonry.

Acclimatisation before installation is required.

Featured Profile: Render using Anatori (AT01) in clear coated Radiata

Care & Maintenance

  • Use a damp, micro-fibre cloth to remove any surface marking or greasy stains.
  • Minerals in natural water may leave visible traces, particularly on darker, painted surfaces.
  • Never use abrasive products or cleaners to remove marks or stains on the surface as this can harm the surface seal/ painted surface.
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